Feeding the Hungry

Both Chapel & Church congregations are mindful that too often the basic needs of our neighbors go unmet.  As a result there is a strong ministry focus on feeding.  The Chapel of St. John the Divine collects food each Sunday for distribution by the North Kingstown Food Pantry & Church of the Ascension’s food basket offerings benefit clients of Peacedale’s Jonnycake Center.

But we don’t just donate food.  Both parishes have a long history feeding both physical and spiritual needs found in our communities.  For many years the Chapel’s Soup to the Docks Ministry, a.k.a. Soup Troop, has gathered at the church hall on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11:00 a.m. They collect soup containers, cups, crackers and ladles and head off to the Galilee Mission to pick up the freshly made soup from Chef Collin. Then it’s off to the docks in Galilee to distribute the soup to hungry fishermen and the workers at the fish plant. Then it’s back to the church hall by 1:00.

At Ascension, our year-round 5 PM Sunday Supper has served not only countless meals, but provided a place for fellowship and conversation as well.  Cooks or cooking teams provide and prepare the meal and then stay to enjoy the time with our guests.  Everyone lends a hand in the cleanup. Frequently we combine Sunday Supper with a parish cook-out, potluck or special event to liven things up.

Ascension’s Mission: Outreach Committee chooses local, regional and international groups to assist, highlighting their various needs to the congregational on a quarterly rotation. They assist on a regular basis at Sunday Supper and join with other local congregations for special outreach events.

Church Work

Although there’s probably a better name for this than church work, there’s no doubt that there is much need and much satisfaction in serving on the Vestry, assisting in Worship as usher, chalice bearer or acolyte, volunteering for office duty, singing in the choir or simply showing up for a few hours to rake leaves in the fall.  All of these are vital ministries that make our Worship special, keep the church alive, develop Christian fellowship and form the foundation of more outward facing work.

Sunday School and Acolytes

We welcome Children, ages 8-18, to receive training and serve as acolytes at both churches the Sunday service. Children and youth vest in the traditional way, carry the cross and sometimes torches in the processions, hold the gospel book, and help prepare the altar for communion.

Church of the Ascension – Beginning on September 8th
Children meet each Sunday at 9:45 am from September to June in the Children’s Chapel where they give thanksgiving and praise to God while learning the essentials of the liturgy and how to navigate the Book of Common Prayer.  Following Chapel the children receive age-appropriate classroom instruction with a caring, dedicated ministry staff.

Chapel of St John the Divine
Meeting at 9:30 am when children are present. Safe-church trained adults lead the children in inspirational stories in the comfort of our reading space to help grow their faith while the rest of the congregation participates in the Liturgy of the Word.  Children join the parish for the Eucharist during the passing of the peace.